The Aarudhras Developers is a front-ranking entity on property development, hospitality with interests in renewable energy generation and sustainability.

Aarudhras Developers, the flagship arm of the group, is a strong and vibrant entity with an indelible footprint in the realty business.

Employee Success Stories

Santhosh (Project Manager)

Working in aarudhras is the best place to learn ad explore new things am recommended aarudhras for sure 

Srivishnu (Digital Marketing Lead)

Started my professional career with Aarudhras developers in Coimbatore in Feb 2019 as a Digital marketing lead. I chose Aarudhras developers because it’s a rapidly growing company that provides employees with a number of opportunities for learning and development and also for gaining invaluable experience 

Vanitha(Accounts Head)

“What I enjoy most about working at aarudhras developers, are the people and the sense of camaraderie to succeed and achieve our goals. I also value that the organization provides individuals with growth opportunities and the ability to expand their experiences

Shanthi (Sales Head)

My journey with the aarudhras developers started back in 2016 when I started as our very sales executive. Fast forward 6 years and here I am – the sales head of all projects. What I love most about this company is the opportunity and support that is given to the employees

Sowndarya (Sales Representative)

Every day I’m surrounded with hardworking, professional people enjoying the challenges and rewards that come with the job in aarudhras developers its best company for beginners to learn such things